Mobile Payments Made Easy

Apple Pay, Samsung Pay & Android Pay

Experience the benefits

  • Your phone becomes your wallet storing all of your Abri cards
  • Quick & easy checkouts
  • Your card information stays safe – a virtual account is used in place of your actual card details

Now you can use your Abri Debit and Credit Card(s) to make secure purchases in stores, in apps, and on the web with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay! Simply add your Abri card(s) to the digital wallet on your mobile phone using any of these three payment apps.


You may be prompted to call (844) 646-5465 to verify your account(s) when adding your Abri card(s) to your digital wallet on your mobile phone. Upon calling, you will be asked verification questions in order to confirm your identity and then your Abri card(s) will be activated for use with your phone.


  • NOT every phone is compatible with mobile payment apps. Use the links below to see the lists of devices and/or requirement to use one of these payment methods or check with your phone manufacturer. Compatible Devices/Requirements: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Android Pay
  • You will need a data plan or internet access on your phone in order to use mobile payment services.

Need help adding this service to your phone? Click on the App you wish to add to your phone:

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Apple Pay | Samsung Pay | Android Pay

e-mail or call (815) 267-7700 or (866) 469-6228