Star Saver Kids Account

Help your children or relatives become excited about saving with ACU's Star Saver Account. Sparkle, the president of the Star Saver Club, will help teach them how to save money and have fun while doing it.

Star Saver Club benefits include:

  • 1 bonus sticker when you open your account
  • Earn 1 sticker* for each $10 deposit (Maximum of 10 stickers per visit)
  • Redeem earned stickers for fun prizes or gift cards
  • Free Sticker with Birthday Cards from Sparkle (Club Mascot)
  • Sparkle Contests
Sparkle Kids Club Mascsot


Join the Club

Open a Star Saver Account at any ACU branch and earn stickers for deposits that can be redeemed for fun prizes! Children age fifteen and under can deposit $5 into an ACU Star Savers Account to join the club. Learn more about our Star Saver Account or print & complete a Membership Application today!

When opening a minor account, please remember to bring the child's social security card, birth certificate or both. The child does not have to be present to open the account. 


E-mail: or

Call (815) 267-7700 or (866) I-OWN-ACU (469-6228)

Help your kids, grandkids, nieces & nephews become a Star Saver today & calculate their savings!

Star Saver Account Details  
Club Member Age Birth - 15 Years
Minimum Balance/Opening Amount $5 (child’s social security number is required to open the account)
Monthly Service Charge None
Account Set-up
  • Joint Account with child as the primary account holder and parent/guardian as joint account holder
Electronic Access for parent/joint account holder
Annual Percentage Yield .10% 
Dividends are compounded and paid monthly based on the average daily balance. The dividend rate and APY may change every dividend period as determined by the Board of Directors.

If your account is closed before dividends are paid, you will not receive the accrued dividends. To avoid a loss of dividends, please keep your account open with the minimum balance until the first business day of the following month.
Automatic Transfer Electronically transfer funds into your child's account to help their savings grow. Automatic transfers do not qualify for stickers.
Statements Issued Quarterly by
ASI Insured Funds are insured up to $250,000 per account. By member choice, this institution is not federally insured. Click here for more information regarding ASI.

* Child must be present to obtain stickers.

Print & Complete a Membership Application today,
e-mail or call (815) 267-7700 or (866) I-OWN-ACU (469-6228)