Visa Platinum

Pay 1.99% APRfor 6 months
followed by a variable rate between 
7.15%-16.15%APR2 thereafter

Transfer a loan or credit card balance, with no balance transfer fee!
Existing cardholders: Complete a balance transfer now
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See how much Abri's Visa Platinum can help you save!

Given a Loan or Credit Card balance of $5,000

  Your Current APR Months to payoff at 3.5% minimum payment Finance charges paid Switch to Abri CU & Save
Bank A 24.24% 46 $2,665 $2,158
Bank B 14.97% 37 $1,269 $762
Bank C 10.99% 34 $773 $266
ACU Visa Platinum 7.15%1 33 $507  

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1Rate based on applicant's credit score.

2Your APR may vary. The rate for purchases, cash advances and balance transfers are determined monthly by adding 3.9%-12.9% to the Prime Rate.

3Finance charges accrue from the date the balance transfer is posted to your account. Transfer rate does not apply to existing ACU balances or convenience checks and must be $100 or more to qualify.