2019 Acts of Kindness

People Helping People

Abri Members & Staff made a difference by their 26 acts of kindness on October 14, 2019! To them and all of you out there helping others, you make this world a better place! Read what Abri members and staff did below.

#1 - Lent a helping hand at Jewel
My son and I were running errands and in a slight hurry because we had such a busy day. We had to stop at Jewel for some groceries. We were near the deli section when we noticed an older lady having trouble reaching some items. She was in a motorized chair and it looked like she couldn't stand up from the chair easily. I asked her if she needed help. She was so happy and asked if we could help her reach a few more items. She also asked if we could help her read the nutritional info on some products because she had to watch her sodium and could barely read the fine print on the labels. We ended up going through the whole grocery store with her, helping her get all her items. As we left, we realized we spent much more time in the store than we planned but seeing how happy the lady was after we helped her made it all worthwhile.

#2 – Sponsored a child
Soma started sponsoring a child in Democratic Republic of Congo through world vision. His name is Ernest.

#3 - Flowers made her day
Sent my husband’s Aunt who was turning 95 flowers for her special day. “It made her day.”

#4 – Donated Stuffed Animal
I responded to a post on a Facebook page for my community. Someone was looking for donations of oversized stuffed animals for their Destination Imagination (nonprofit) team. So I let them know I had one in our basement and then put it on my porch, so they could do a pickup and put it to good use.

#5 - Cash to homeless man
I gave cash to an elderly homeless man that only comes out when he's truly in need. His name is Dave and he's in Walmart’s parking lot.

#6 - Helped my elderly mother at her home

#7 - Helped the Maintenance Man
Today on random act of kindness day; I helped the building maintenance gentlemen by cleaning the refuse room.

#8 & #9 - Paid for the customer behind me
Priscilla decided to pay ahead for the customer behind her, their order was $17. She said, “I hope it made their day!” Darren paid for the Starbucks order of the car behind him!

#10 & #11 - Mowed My Neighbor’s Lawn
I mowed my neighbor's front yard for them this morning and Ahmed mowed his neighbors (whose an older gentleman) yard.

#12 - Helped with Luggage
On my trip in Kansas City I was boarding the bus in Chicago heading to Iowa. There were these two ladies one in her 50s and the other one quite elderly and the quite elderly one was sitting in her seat and the other lady was trying to get her luggage put up into the rack. I told her here let me help you so I told her here I will squeeze it into shape and you can push it. I was able to help them get their luggage up into the rack. And when I departed at my location in Iowa City Iowa I asked the ladies if they were leaving and they said no. I told them be sure to ask someone to help you get back down so that you don't have to try to get them out by yourself.

#13 – Gave someone his parking space
Craig let someone park in a space at the grocery store he was waiting for!

#14 – Driving Directions & Personal Escort
Keith was at the Walgreens in Burr Ridge, when an elderly lady approached him and was very upset. She asked him if he knew how she could get to the Crown Plaza hotel. He gave her directions, but could tell she was confused, so he told her to follow him and he would lead her there very slowly and carefully. She followed him to the hotel and was very appreciative. He told her that is how his mom raised him, she gave him a hug and said bless you. Keith said, “I was just doing what was right, pass it on!”

#15 – Helped find her phone
I offered to help a lady who had misplaced her phone.

#16 - Helped an Elderly Woman
Upon leaving an appointment Patti noticed a woman having difficulty helping an elderly woman out of her wheelchair into the passenger side of the vehicle. Patti’s own mother passed away a few years ago and this was something she and her sisters often struggled with, so she offered to help and it warmed her heart that the woman excepted and even gave her a hug when what was her mother was safely in the car. Patti said “I miss my mother so much and because of her I find comfort in helping or just saying hello or have a good day to others.”

#17 – Cleaned up Dads Yard
Thomas cleaned up his dad's yard, getting ready for winter, as he can't anymore.

#18 – Donated furniture & lent money to a friend in need
"I performed two acts of kindness; I donated furniture including a bed, heater, end tables, coffee tables and plants to two families. I also loaned a friend money to get out of a bad abusive relationship while going without, myself as well as my family."

#19 – Crocheted for Cancer
Jeanne accepted a challenge for October. She is crocheting hats for cancer patients and donating them as part of one of her crochet groups. Some of the people know she crochets and will ask her what project she is currently working on. Last week someone asked her if she was working on anything, and after she explained her current project, the woman shared that she was a cancer survivor and asked if she could purchase a hat from Jeanne. Although Jeanne wasn’t able to sell her a hat, she asked her what her favorite color was. On Monday, she crocheted the woman a hat with a pom-pom, as she requested. She came in to visit her and Jeanne gave the woman/cancer survivor a hat. The woman was very pleased to receive a hat.

#20 – Bought cake & gift card
Kim bought cake for the nurses at her in-laws nursing home and a Chipotle gift card for their favorite aide, George, who's studying to be a cop. Kim said "Great day!"

#21 – Delivered Books
Dona and her son delivered a few of his books to the Elwood Children's Garden. When we helped at a craft table at their Fall Fest on Oct 6, Nathan noticed there were not a lot of books in their library. My son and I hope to make it a monthly “date day” to make sure to keep it filled up. Our Cub Scout pack also sponsors the 'little' library at Presence St. Joe’s hospital in Joliet in partnership with the Joliet Kiwanis Club.

#22 – Volunteered at Feed My Starving Children
Heather & her daughter volunteered at Feed My Starving Children in Aurora making meals for those in need.

#23 – Surprise Dinner
Rebecca surprised her parents by making them some dinner since my Dad worked 6 a.m. - 2 p.m. !! "I made albóndigas.”

#24 – Coffee Surprise
Lexi surprised her friend by bringing her a coffee from Starbucks to her at work! Lexi said, "She was having a bad day but the coffee helped!"

#25 – Bakery, Photos & Doors
Robin bought and delivered a pumpkin muffin from D's bakery to Jeff, the Service Manager at the Toyota dealer where she has her truck serviced to thank him for all of his service. She also took photos of a family at the Riverwalk in downtown Naperville and opened/held doors for people throughout the day.

#26 – Opens her home & teaches life skills
Laura opened up her home to people in need because she loves helping people. Not only did she provide a home for them in her home, but also taught them life skills. She regularly helps people out and has set a goal to open up a home big enough to help more people.