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Abri has joined a shared branching network that enables our members to perform the following transactions at participating credit unions across the nation:

  • Deposits and withdrawals
  • Loan Payments
  • Loan Advances
  • Account Inquiries
  • Transfers
  • Statement Prints
  • Money Orders and Traveler's Checks - if available
  • VISA or Master Card advances - if available

The following additional member services may also be available:

  • Notary Services
  • Photocopy requests
  • Fax Services

Visit credit union locations that display    

Use our Branch & ATM Locator to find shared branch locations & surcharge-free ATMs near your home, work or travel destinations.

You will need 3 things when you visit a CO-OP Shared Branch:
1. Your CU Name: Abri Credit Union
2. Your Abri CU Account Number
3. A current, un-expired VALID U.S. Government issued picture Identification with signature. Options include:

  • State issued driver's license or identification card (temporary extensions are not accepted)
  • U.S. Passport
  • City, State, County or Federal I.D. card or badge
  • U.S. Armed Forces Identification Card or the new Smart Identification card without signature
  • Resident Alien Card issued by the INS

Have these items ready to present to the teller. This will save you time and will help shared branch personnel perform your transaction. Please note that all transactions require identification. Employees ask, because Abri CU and the CO-OP Shared Branches care about protecting your identity and account information.

If you have questions regarding your account or transactions that were performed through the CO-OP Shared Branches, please contact Abri directly at 1-866-I-OWN-ACU (469-6228).

Cash Withdrawal Limits
CO-OP Shared Branches may limit cash withdrawals to $500 per day, regardless of Abri policy.

Holds and Deposited Funds

  • The funds you deposit at the CO-OP Shared Branches may not be available for immediate withdrawal from your Abri account.
  • HOLDS are placed by Abri on items you deposit through the CO-OP Shared Branches based by Abri Hold Policies. Abri's Hold Policy is 2 day holds for Local checks and 5 day holds for non-local checks.  REMEMBER - The CO-OP Shared Branch DOES NOT PLACE THE HOLDS ON YOUR ACCOUNT.
  • The CO-OP Shared Branch CANNOT REMOVE A HOLD PLACED ON YOUR ACCOUNT. YOU MUST CONTACT ABRI CU DIRECTLY at 1-866-I-OWN-ACU (469-6228). Please refer to the Abri Credit Union Fund Availability Policy for further information.

Stop Payments

The CO-OP Shared Branches CANNOT accept a stop payment request on your Abri CU checking account. YOU MUST CONTACT Abri directly at 1-866-I-OWN-ACU (469-6228).

If you need to place a stop payment on a check you obtained from a CO-OP Shared Branch, such as a cashier's check, money order or official check, you must contact the CO-OP Shared Branch Location where you obtained the check. There will be a waiting period not to exceed 90 days before funds can be released.  You may be required to complete an indemnity agreement. 

For 24/7 phone service, call CO-OP Shared Branch at 1-866-692-8669 (My.CU.Now).

Surcharge-free ATMs
At surcharge-free ATMs, the owner agrees not to charge you a fee for usage because they participate in a Surcharge-free ATM Network that provides the same courtesy to their members/customers.

To locate a surcharge free ATM when you need cash, look for the following logo on the ATM.

The above surcharge free network list is provided to Abri by the network. Please be aware that participating locations may choose to remove themselves from the surcharge free network at any time.

ATM Fee Information
You may perform an unlimited number of free transactions at Abri CU owned ATMs. In addition, Abri provides 3 free transactions per month at non-Abri owned ATMs. The cost for each transaction over 3 at non-Abri owned ATMs is $1 and will appear on your monthly statement.

Call ACU at 866-469-6228 (I-OWN-ACU)