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Visa Credit Card Conversion FAQs

When is the Credit Card Conversion?

The credit card conversion will take place the weekend of July 10, 2015. 

Can I still access Visa Online?

Access to Visa Online will end at noon on July 10th. The new online access will be available on July 13th. After the conversion, you will be able to access your credit card account information both within Online Banking & via the Visa Online link.

Will I need to change the address where I mail my payments?

Yes, we will provide you with the new payment address on your next statement. You can also check after 7/13 for your payment options and the new address. Please note, you can always make your payment in person or by mail at any Abri branch location.

Do I need to change anything if I pay my bill online?

Yes, you will need to update the payment address using the new information provided on your print statement. Please note, you can always make your payment in person or by mail at any Abri branch location. You can also continue to make payments by transferring funds within Online Banking.

Can I still use my card during the conversion?

Yes, you should not experience any interruption in using your card.

Will I be getting a new card?

Primary cardholders will NOT be receiving new cards. Joint cardholders will be receiving a new card with a unique card number. These cards are scheduled to go out the week of June 29th. Existing cards will continue to work in the event you do not receive a new card.

Will my credit card PIN still work?

Existing PINS on credit cards will no longer work after July 10th. If you would like a PIN for your credit card, please call (844) 546-8215 after July 13th.

What will happen to my rewards points?

Points will NOT be lost during or after the conversion. There will be a new website where you can redeem your points after the conversion. Check for details after July 13th. 

Where will I call to get information on my card after the conversion?

You can call our new 24/7 cardholder support number at (844) 546-8215 after July 13th with any card inquiries, disputes, etc. This number will also be available on after the conversion.

Will I have to re-enroll in Visa e-Statements?

If you are currently getting your Visa statements electronically, you will receive one paper statement in between now and the conversion. Then you will be automatically enrolled after July 13th in the new e-Statements service.

Can I get my credit card statement archives after the conversion?

No, credit card statements will not be transferred over to the new card processor after the conversion.

Will the terms of my card change?

No, the terms of your credit card will not change as a result of the conversion.

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