Audio Response Teller (ART)

24/7 Account Access by Phone

Using ART is easy! The menu-driven voice prompts guide you through your transactions and inquiries. ART provides you access to:
  • Account Balances & History
  • Cleared Checks
  • Loan Balances & Payments
  • Make Payments, Transfers & Check Withdrawals
  • Request Stop Payments on Checks & More

View/Print the ART User Guide to see all of the options & get the speed ahead numbers to quickly complete the action you wish to perform.

To start using ART you need:

  1. A touch tone phone
  2. Your Abri CU Account Number
  3. Your Personal Identification Number (PIN)

    To request an ART Agreement & PIN e-mail, info@abricu.com or
    call (815) 267-7700 or (866) I-OWN-ACU (469-6228)

    To Access ART
    1. Call (815) 577-8503 or toll-free (877) ACU-ART1 (228-2781)
    2. Press 1 - To Sign On
    3. Enter Your Member Number then #
    4. Enter Your Access Code then #



    0 Credit Union Assistance
    (during business hours)
    * Return to the prior menu
    9 Repeat Last Response
     Responding to ART - If asked for an account number, press 1# (Savings), 2# (Checking) or your loan number.


    E-mail info@abricu.com or
    Call (815) 267-7700 or (866) I-OWN-ACU (469-6228).